SR Signs

serving the clear lake area for over 30 years

Dimentional Routed Sign with raised 24 karat Gold Leaf letters.


"Being There" was hand-design to match SeaQuester, a favorite design chosen on our website.


Hand-drawn design.


Hand designed name for a 100' Azimut.


Two and one-half inch hand guilded 23 Karat gold letters on a custom
built gondola.


Hand designed three-color name.


Repeat customer upgraded to a 132' Soverign.


Three-color hand designed name using engine turned SignGold.


Customer was happy with his new name.


Hand-drawn design to fit the transom area.


Customer wanted his boat name to look similar to the Maui Sunrise.


Customer wanted this hand-drawn design repeated on his upgrade.


Hand-drawn with a calligraphy brush on watercolor paper for a rough
effect. Scanned it, cleaned it up a little, then cut-out in silver
and black. Added a music bar and notes to the background for a
little extra pizazz.